There’s a reason 95% of the bourbon in the world comes from Kentucky… and a big part of it is the high-quality corn grown here. At the Green River Distilling Co., we only use corn grown in our great state of Kentucky. In fact, most of the corn we use comes from our own Daviess County and we have a great relationship with the farmers here. This corn is a key ingredient that helps us achieve the ideal profile for our whiskey, and our bourbon wouldn’t be the same without it.

Bourbon, by federal standards, needs to contain at least 51% corn, so needless to say, we buy a lot of corn every year! Around 750,000 bushels of corn per year, in fact. A bushel weighs 56 lbs. So that is 42 million pounds or 21,000 tons.

Because we use Kentucky corn, we have a great relationship with the Kentucky Corn Growers Association, a nonprofit association committed to the interests of the 6000+ corn farmers in Kentucky.

Kentucky Corn Growers Association Member Clint Hardy says, “As a farmer, any time we have an end user, such as an animal feeder or a distillery, in our local community, that takes our product and adds value to it, it’s a great use of that product. Distilling corn for bourbon production is a great use of corn, and we’re very fortunate to have this distillery in our area of Kentucky.”

Here are Green River, we’re thankful to the Kentucky farmers who have been growing the best corn for decades. It’s the same corn that went into the original Green River, and we’re proud it’s also part of the revival.