Bourbon is an important industry in Kentucky and its popularity has been great for the state in so many ways. From encouraging tourism via distillery visits and events and the Kentucky Bourbon Trail®, to overall increased production and jobs, the bourbon industry is vibrant and growing every day.

One thing that comes along with this growth is additional waste from the bourbon making process, called stillage, and the state of Kentucky has put together a new contest encouraging people to submit innovative ideas about what to do with it.

At Green River, one way we use the stillage is by feeding local cows. In the whiskey making process, once we’ve used the grain, what remains is a grain and water mixture, that still has nutrients in it to be something farmers can use to feed their cows. Local farmers use the spent grain, and it doesn’t go to waste.

Sustainability is important to us. Some other ways we aim to help is by using local corn within a 30-mile radius of the distillery, and growing our own oak trees to one day make the barrels we age our bourbon in.

The competition, called the “Distillers Grains Reverse Pitch” is open to anyone with an idea and commitment to helping execute. More information can be found here: https://www.bourbonreversepitch.com/