The start of fall means we’re in the midst of the annual corn harvest here in Daviess County.  We’re starting to see bushels of the good stuff arriving daily by truck here at the distillery. You might be wondering – why is it we care so much about local corn? Well, did you know bourbon, by federal standards, needs to contain at least 51% corn? At Green River, we purchase around 850,000 bushels of corn, which is the primary ingredient in our bourbon.

We only use corn grown in our great state of Kentucky. In fact, most of the corn we use comes from within 50 miles of our distillery from farming families we consider our friends. We inspect every single batch of corn that arrives at our distillery to ensure it is top quality. This corn is a key ingredient that helps us achieve the ideal profile for our whiskey, and our bourbon wouldn’t be the same without it.

So, this time of year, when you’re kicking back with some bourbon in your glass, give a toast to the corn farmers of Kentucky and the huge part they play in bringing the world’s best whiskey – Kentucky Bourbon – to life.