When you visit us in Owensboro, you’ll see incredible design all over the grounds of the distillery, including the giant “Whiskey Without Regrets” mural you’ll notice right away when you drive up. This is all thanks to our creative director and world-renowned artist Aaron Kizer.

Aaron was born and raised in Owensboro, and while his art has taken him around the world, he is committed to the city he grew up in, and he is always looking for ways to support it.

Our Green River team has long been fans of his work and, as a distillery also born and raised in Owensboro, we knew he had to be involved in our revival. We’re lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Aaron. He was inspired by the distillery’s archives and wanted visitors to feel like they were stepping back in time. If you have a chance to visit us, you’ll see his vision come to life throughout the campus.

In Aaron’s Words: “I’ve traveled all around the world doing art. This gave me the opportunity to stay here [in Owensboro] and do something that could be huge for the community. It was a balancing act of trying to figure out how to make it look original to the 1885 version of Green River but also make it new for the city of Owensboro.

Bourbon is a huge part of Kentucky. You always hear about the other distilleries and other cities that have these things, but to be able to step into an industry and field where Owensboro becomes a part of that again in a major way is something that everyone can take pride in.”