A connection to nature and the local landscape is important to our team here at Green River, and we thought this Earth Day was a good time to celebrate and share a bit more about our commitment to sustainability.

To start, we use 100% Kentucky-grown corn, most harvested from family farms within 30 miles of our distillery. Some of the best corn is grown right in our backyard, and we believe it gives our bourbon something special that couldn’t be replicated just anywhere. Local water is also a vital component to our bourbon; the water we used is limestone-filtered and the same Kentucky water that has been making Kentucky bourbon for generations.

Green River partners with the Ohio River Foundation to support 1% for the Planet

Green River partners with the Ohio River Foundation to support 1% for the Planet

As part of our commitment to protecting and improving the water in our region, we are a proud partner the Ohio River Foundation through a partnership with of 1% For the Planet. This partnership means 1% of our annual sales benefit environmental causes.

We also grow our own oak trees to one day make the barrels we age our bourbon in and maintain our own beehives on-site, part of a 20,000 sq. ft. wildflower habitat and garden. Another way we help is by managing our waste. For example, we share stillage, or the waste from the bourbon making process, with local farmers to feed their cows.

These are just a few examples of how we’re committed to sustainability here at Green River. We believe in supporting environmental causes and doing our part to celebrate and protect the earth for all of the wonderful ingredients it has given us to make our bourbon.